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Stadium Information

The initial impression of the stadium is of its picturesque surroundings, set into a hillside and mostly surrounded by woodland. One end is unused for spectators, further giving the stadium a rural look! This end is completely open, whilst the other has a couple of small temporary stands erected at either side of it, which are uncovered and hence open to the elements.

The pitch is surrounded by an athletics running track, hence the supporters are set back from the field. Although this type of multi-purpose stadium is popular on the Continent, this is the only current example in the Football League.

The teams enter the field from one corner, which is unusual, making their way across some strange looking footbridges from the changing rooms. On one side of the ground a temporary stand has been erected. This, the South Stand, has a capacity of 4,500 seats. Although a temporary structure, the stand has been designed by McAlpine and the views are generally good of the game. Opposite is the smaller North Stand, with a capacity of 1,500. This has a large Pavilion type building located behind it, which looks quite out of place at a football ground. The South Stand is raised above pitch level and uncovered, whilst the North Stand is partly covered (to the rear).

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